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Washington Parish Reservoir

Why a Reservoir

Why a Reservoir

What will a reservoir cost us?

"What does a lake cost? In most cases,it cost family homes, passed from generation to generation.Lost through expropriation,in other words they take our land. Loss our community's as they were once know.If We, the folks that live in the rural setting, had wished for development,we would have stayed, or moved to the city. We chose the rural setting for the peace and tranquility,and not hearing our neighbors when they roll over in bed at night.But it seems our governor can not relate to this,as she said this was her projects to develop the rural areas. I say leave us all alone, We choose to live as we do.Is that not what freedom is about to chose,where you live? Must we live in fear, that your government, will decide, that they need our home, land, or what ever else we feel is ours,and by the powers of expropriation,show their powers and just take what you have work so very hard for? Wake up People take a good look what is going on in the name of progress. Stop wasting tax payers money.We spend hundreds of dollars every year to costal erosion,why flood good land? Do you just not understand,that we love the rural life?People please wake up.I thought we lived in a free country,but it seems we are only as free as our government and the elite choose to allow.We in Allen Parish and other Parish's continue our fight to same our heritage,our scenic river systems,and our wildlife.Our politicians need to wake up and smell the coffee, not every Parish needs a lake or reservoir.Stop flooding our lands.Use the money for coastal erosion. Let us do good for Louisiana,not destroy it for the greed of others. "
Joyce Williams
Pitkin, LA

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