Washington Parish Reservoir

Why a Reservoir

Why do we need a reservoir in Washington Parish?

Our public officials say we need a reservoir for future water supply. If you read the past newspaper articles and things on the internet about the reservoir it is for recreational use. You decide what it is for and if we need it. Is it worth given up your home, your neighbors, and your way of life?

Our public officals are pushing a reservoir hard through out the whole state of Louisiana. This is going to hurt our homes, land, lives, and our community. We need to stand together and fight the reservoir and get it stopped.
Please don't think this will be an easy task because it won't. We are fighting every public offical from our governor to our local politicans.
Please don't sit back and say nothing can be done, because attitudes like that will cause this reservoir to come here. You need to get up and stand up for your rights and help us fight.

If you would like more information about meetings or what is going on please call:
Hayward Boone- 985-732-7660
Cheri Libert-985-986-2686
Shannon Fonda-985-735-6831
or you can e-mail me at

Please go to the Louisiana Leg. home page and take a look at House Bill 216 or 71. Do a search on this site for reservoir and read all you can about what is going on.
There web address is: